Water Purification & Filtering

Read more about Genie Purist: Dedicated for Ultrapure (Type I) Water, Operational Reliability and Ease-of-Use etc.

NuZar Water Purification Systems

The NuZar systems are powerful, intelligent and compact systems that allow consistent water quality production, effortless operation, user-friendly monitoring, and lower cost of ownership.

Genie De-ion for ICP grade ultrapure water in trace and ultra-trace element analyses

The rapid increase of detection capabilities of modern analytical techniques including ICP-MS, nano UHPLC and nano LC-MS,, greatly simplifies the quantification of trace and ultra-trace elements in diversified scientific and industrial fields.

Genie De-Ion is an essential addition to the Rephile Genie water purfication system portfolio. It not only further purifies upstream ultrapure water, but can also provide secure delivery of elemental controlled purified water for critical applications, elemental contaminants down to ppt and sub-ppt levels.

Great Range of Lab Water Purification Systems for Critical Applications

Rephile offers a complete solution for laboratory water purification world-wide. With true expertise, great knowhow and genuine engagement, you get a total solution with high operational safety.

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The new Genie and SuperGenie systems are based on novel technology, and delivers high convenience and flexibility to your lab.

Operational Reliability and Ease-of-Use

The systems from Rephile are available for Ultrapure (Type I), Type II and Type III water qualities. The new Genie and SuperGenie systems are easy to use, reliable and powerful systems, based on best in class, modern technology.Depending on your production needs, and with a comprehensive range of accessories, you can get a customised solution for your specific demands.

Genie G: Ultrapure (Type I) and EDI (Type II) in one Single System

High flexibility for strict demands. Genie G delivers both ultrapure and EDI water from the same system. Great user control with the large touch screen. Remote dispenser with touch. More dispensers can be added.
Production capacity: 5, 10 or 15 l/h.


Genie Purist: Dedicated for Ultrapure (Type I) Water

Ultrapure type I water with 0-2 l/min dispensing.

Super-Genie for Higher Production Demands

  • Powerful system for up to 7000 l/day production capacity.
  • Type I and TypeII or RO water from the same system
  • Integrates with many types of clinical analyzers
  • Big display for highly convenient maintenance, control and monitoring
  • Dispenser directly on the system
  • Integrated tank
  • Can serve as a central system to support several labs

Laboratory Filtration

RephiLe offers quality Nylon, PTFE, PES, PVDF and MCE filters/membranes membrane syringes for sample preparation.

Technologies for Cell- & Molecular Biosciences

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