Applications & Technologies

High Uniformity in BRCA Analysis, Enhanced viability and retention, VIROMER® CRISPR for RNP delivery etc.

Improve Trypsin Digestion & LC-MS Performance with Digestif Quality Control Reagent

Universal Quality Standards

Digestif comprises a soluble recombinant protein scaffold + 11 artificial peptides (iRT) with good ionization.
Amino acids flanking iRT cleavage site either favour or hinder protease cleavage.
Retention time & relative intensity pattern of released iRT can assess the quality of sample workup, the extent of digestion, LC-MS performance & inter/intra-lab variability

High Uniformity in BRCA Analysis

Hybridisation Capture vs PCR Amplification Enrichment in Targeted NGS

Hybridisation capture enrichment in targeted NGS, using a novel probe design technology, increases data uniformity compared to PCR amplification enrichment. Hybridisation capture gives coverage across UTR´s, Promoters, CDS, Splicing sites and enables detection of more mutants; insertions/deletions, CNV´s, SNV´s and gene fusion.

The unique re-balancing process with full QC will ensure optimal design and efficient workflows.

Download comparison data here!

CAR-T-Cell Production Reliable, Automated and Reproducible Flow Cytometry

The unique Laminar Wash™ technology simplifies and automates flow cytometry workflows for CAR-T-cell manufacturing. Data improves reproducibility, saves time and gives tighter populations. Laminar Wash™ replaces centrifugation-based stain&wash and is more gentle to cells. Time saving in this workflow was 50 min/assay.

CAR-T cell therapy biotech company AdiCet Bio improved data by automating of a part of their flow cytometry assay. They saw improved consistency and are planning full automation using a Laminar Wash™ system.

SIL Proteins for Quantitative Mass Spectrometry

Low Abundant Protein Quantification in Complex Matrices

The Promise Proteomics SIL proteins are of high purity and >99% isotopic incorporation. You get an internal standard with the same sequence as your target protein of interest, thus normalising for variation in sample digestion and purification processes.

Get a free poster presenting the LC-MS workflow for quantification of Tau protein (microtubule-associated protein) as a sensitive biomarker for Alzheimer Disease. Get poster here!

Simultaneous Ribosomal RNA Depletion in Multiple Species

The riboPOOL™ offers simultaneous ribo-depletion for complex samples. The method will deplete ribosomal RNA simultaneously across multiple species.

Efficient depletion of human, mouse and E. coli RNA with the Combination riboPOOL consisting of a 1:1:1 mix of Human, Mouse/Rat and Pan-Prokaryote riboPOOL was observed for 1 μg RNA input.

Microbiomic/Metagenomic Ribosomal RNA Depletion

The Pan-Prokaryote riboPOOL gives the widest microbial coverage for microbiome/metagenomic analysis, covering >75 different species simultaneously. Removing ribosomal RNAs (rRNAs) with high efficiency and targets 5S, 16S and 23S rRNA.

For metagenomics, the riboPOOLs are available as combinational reagent, for example as Pan-prokaryote:Human mix, based on the expected ratios of your sample.

Change the way you process cells to get reliably consistent data in flow cytometry

The DA-Cell Laminar wash technology replaces centrifugation by using a novel DA-Cell technology, which is gentle to cells, giving higher retention.

  • A wide range of cell numbers, from single-cell to 10 million cells per well
  • No stress on cells from centrifugation and improved viability
  • Reduced debris and aggregation of cells
  • Cleaner and faster washing

Enhanced viability and retention

Cells from DA Cell method demonstrate much stronger fluorescence signal and intact morphology of cells.
Centrifugation presumably causes  significant stress on cells distorting its physiology and protein expression.

Efficient, flexible ribosomal RNA depletion for any species

Removing ribosomal RNAs (rRNAs) to allow sensitive detection of scientifically relevant RNAs by Next Generation Sequencing, is currently performed with costly kits limited to well-studied species.
riboPOOLs present an affordable and flexible solution that gives scientists absolute freedom to deplete rRNAs or other custom RNAs from any species.

Composed of high complexity pools of optimally-designed biotinylated DNA probes, riboPOOLs even outperformed Ribo-Zero (Illumina), depleting ~10% more rRNA while leaving other RNA intact.

riboPOOLs Workflow and Ordering

riboPOOLs are available for any species. Contact us for your specific needs.
riboPOOLs in stock: Human, Mouse, Planarian, Drosophila, Silkworm. Available in 2, 5 or 10 nmol (20, 50, 100 reactions). Custom scales on request.

Protocol is based on biotin-streptavidin chemistry with magnetic bead capture and removal.

VIROMER® Cytostain Organelle-Targeted Live Cell Imaging

Fluorescence staining of selected organelle
Down-stream experiments unaffected – non-toxic and biological
Easy and straightforward

The new Viromer Cytostain adds content at great convenience at low toxicity. With the mRNA encoding fluorescent fused protein expression, you will stain your targeted organelle of interest in living cells without impacting viability. Your flexibility for downstream experiments are therefore retained.

Viromer Cytostain – how does it work?

The Viromer Cytostain reagent is a Viromer nanoparticle, complexed to mRNAs encoding for fluorescent proteins. Thanks to the features of the Viromer particle, the mRNA is efficiently delivered into the cell cytosol and the protein is directly expressed.

Viromer is an efficient, non-toxic polymer which is used for transfection of both standard and hard-to-transfect cells. The team at Lipocalyx has extensive experience in the development of tools for cell transfection, including the transfection of mRNA.

Protocol Viromer Cytostain

Straightforward protocol; rehydrate and add to cells. Signal detachable in 6 hours.

Next Generation Viromer® Transfection Viromer® mRNA

The new Viromer formulation has developed for higher efficiencies and easier protocols. It is a versatile tool for non-toxic transfection of mRNA into a broad range of standard and challenging cells. mRNA transfection has several benefits, in particular when plasmid DNA delivery and uptake is inefficient due to natural defence mechanisms against foreign dsDNA, such as immune cells.

Speed: mRNA does not need to reach the nucleus for cellular action and translation occurs through a promoter-independent process and the desired pro­tein is detectable as early as 6 h post-transfection.

Safety: No risk of genomic integration and transient expression avoids toxicity related to protein accumulation.

Productivity: As simple as in nature, mRNA instructs directly cells to produce proteins. With an optimized delivery, it is then possible to reach very high expression levels of any intracellular, transmembrane or excreted protein.

Next Generation Viromer® Transfection Viromer® Plasmid

The new Viromer formulation has developed for higher efficiencies and easier protocols.

It is a versatile tool for non-toxic transfection of pDNA into a broad range of standard and challenging cells. Viromer Plasmid serves as a great option to electroporation.

VIROMER® CRISPR for RNP delivery

Genome-editing using Cas9/gRNA ribonucleoprotein

Pre-formed RNP complex enables a direct action of the CRISPR system upon delivery. There is no need to pass through the transcription/translation cell machinery for expressing the Cas9 protein, and it skips the assembly step with the gRNA into the cytosol. It is then faster and safer!

Second, the cell rapidly clears Cas9/gRNA RNPs through protein degradation pathways.
This transient action provides a certain degree of control as it greatly increases the fidelity of the endonuclease (less off-target cleavage) and there is no risk of integration into the cell genome.

siRNA Off-Target Effects; Causes, Extent & Impact

siPOOLs™ are innovative, complex siRNA pools which reduce false positives & false negatives in siRNA knockdown experiments.

Individual siRNAs or low complexity siRNA pools containing 3-4 siRNAs often hit multiple off-target genes and exhibit variable target gene knock-down. Short interfering RNA (siRNA) pools, siPOOLs are highly complex and defined pools of 30 siRNAs, each siRNA present at picomolar working concentrations.

dilutes the off-target signature of each siRNA, increasing on-target specificity
ensures co-operative knock-down of the target gene, producing more robust and reliable results.

Download the new TechNote:


Choose the right MagReSyn® NTA beads for your his-tagged proteins

Optimise conditions based on the affinity to different chelating metal ions: Ni2+, Cu2+, Co2+ or Zn2+
The MagReSyn® NTA Screening Kit enables testing of all four alternatives

The MagReSyn® microparticles consist of nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) residues with a strong metal-chelating property. MagReSyn® NTA is pre-chelated with nickel ions for affinity purification of histidine-tagged proteins. The product has been engineered for exceptional specificity, delivering highly pure target proteins. Since different types of His-tagged proteins may have varying affinities for a particular metal ion, we also offer a His-tagged protein purification screening kit (MagReSyn® NTA-KIT) containing MagReSyn® NTA chelated with 4 alternate divalent metal ions (Ni2+, Cu2+, Co2+, Zn2+) to identify the most suitable metal ion for optimal purification of your particular target protein. MagReSyn® NTA Copper, -Cobalt and -Zinc are currently available in 2

HighScriber™ Reverse Transcriptase Mix for GC-rich and up to 15 kb templates

Thermostable Reverse Transcriptase blended with Ribonuclease Inhibitor for an efficient cDNA synthesis
High yields of full lengths transcripts up to 12-15 kb
cDNA synthesis from complex templates at up to 55°C
High sensitivity detection from 1 pg of total RNA template

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Get Higher Protein Expression by Transfecting mRNA instead of pDNA in Macrophages and Monocytes

Transfecting cells with mRNA greatly improves protein expression levels in immune cells that have innate defence mechanisms against foreign DNA. Being a natural component of the cytosol, mRNA will stay intact and create a productive translation process. Viromer® RED and Viromer® YELLOW transfection reagents are designed to work well with both mRNA and pDNA. No special, expensive transfection reagent is required!

Viromer® Start Positive® Controls helps you to compare mRNA and pDNA transfection!

Pre-formulated transfection complexes for use with either Viromer® RED or Viromer® YELLOW Includes both a GFP-encoding mRNA- and a pCMV-GFP plasmid transfection complex. A perfect tool to evaluate the optimal conditions for your cells!

Comparison of mRNA and pDNA transfection, using Start Positive Controls:

Ordering information:

The Start Positive Controls are available in two formats based on the different transfection reagents Viromer RED and Viromer YELLOW. Both include the pDNA-GFP plasmid, as well as GFP-encoding mRNA.
Viromer RED is versatile for standard and challenging cells, whilst Viromer YELLOW can be optimal for specific cells. Please contact us if you are unsure which is best for you.

VR-BUNDLE-01, Viromer RED pDNA/mRNA-GFP controls
VY-BUNDLE-01, Viromer YELLOW pDNA/mRNA-GFP controls
Price: SEK 683.-; DKK 525.-; NOK 683.-; € 70.-
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The New StainIN™ Nucleic Acid Gel Stains; Sensitive, Safe and Economical

Twice as concentrated than other stains, make StainIN™ GREEN and StainIN™ RED Nucleic Acid Stains much more economical. You get highly sensitive, and non-toxic detection of gels. Developed by the professionals at HighQu.

Replace your green dye with StainIN™ GREEN:
2X more stain for the same price
Blue LED or UV detection compatibility
4X more sensitive to EtBr
Unique emission pattern stains RNA and DNA in different colours (RNA in red, DNA in green)

Replace your red dye with StainIN™ RED:
2x more concentrated than other red dyes
2X more sensitive than EtBr
Time saving staining of gels
Much more safe than EtBr

Ordering information:
NAS0201 StainIN™ GREEN Nucleic Acid Stain, 1 ml, 20000X; SEK 1.097.-; DKK 857.-
NAS0101 StainIN™ RED Nucleic Acid Stain, 1 ml, 20000X; SEK 1.097.-; DKK 857.-

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Product information sheet:
StainIN™ GREEN: StainIN GREEN Product Sheet
StainIN™ RED: StainIN RED Product Sheet

HighQu 2017 Catalogue: HighQu Catalogue 2017

Article: GEN#022 volume 34 #4 pg 20-21

Use Viromer RED and Viromer YELLOW for pDNA and mRNA, Viromer BLUE and Viromer GREEN for siRNA and miRNA.
Order your Viromer transfection reagent here: 

Maximise Your Transfection Efficiency with Viromer®

Optimising transfections in four steps. With Viromer reagents, delivery of the complex is effective and cells are treated gently.

In our new LabBook, you get access to recommendations for both adherent and suspension cells.
Optimisation guidelines are based on using the following four main parameters:
Amount of complex
Cell density & confluency
Viromer – RNA/DNA ratio
Incubation time

Get you copy of the LabBook here:
pDNA/mRNA: LabBook-Viromer-RED-YELLOW
siRNA/miRNA: LabBook-Viromer-BLUE GREEN

ORA™ SEE qPCR Green Mix with Colored Blue Dye for Maximal Convenience

The new mastermix is not only great for achieving best data. It also includes an inert blue dye for improved sample visibility during handling and pipetting. The highly experienced team at HighQu have developed a range of great performing PCR reagents.

The mastermixes give you
qPCR on instruments calibrated for low or high ROX concentration
qPCR from gDNA, cDNA, viral DNA, low copy number genes
Universal – both standard and fast cycling
Easy protocols – minimum optimization
Excellent for GC or AT rich templates
Highest sensitivity, rapid extension, early Ct values; based on the small molecular inhibitor technology Hot Start PCR
Supplied with PCR Water to guarantee the best performance.

Data sheets, ORA™ SEE qPCR Green Mix with Low or High ROX content:

Ready to test the ORA™ SEE qPCR Green Mix?

MagReSyn® High-Performance Magnetic Sample Preparation for Proteomics, Molecular- and Cell Biology.

MagReSyn offers high capacity and strong magnetic moment improves the speed of your scientific protocols.

High density functional groups in a hyper-porous polymer matrix enables a maximised binding capacity. The awarded technology also helps to reduce time thanks to the great magnetic features.

Ligands include NTA, TiO2, ZrO2, Streptavidin, Protein A/G, Amine, Carboxyl, Trypsin and Chymotrypsin.


Get the brochure here: ReSyn Bio LabLife Brochure

Free samples and application notes are available on request:

Viromer® One Red; Evolution in mRNA and Plasmid Transfection

Instead of manual preparations, Viromer® ONE RED is an easy, individual and reliable new transfection reagent which brings industry standard into your lab.

  • Viromer® ONE RED is fully compatible with our Viromer® RED liquid product, but is easier to handle and significantly reduces variability. Please refer to our cell data base for a complete list of cell types that are amenable to Viromer transfection.
  • ONE Step Transfection.
  • High transfection efficiency due to an active escape of Viromer® complexes from the endosome.
  • Great safety because Viromer complexes are non-charged, gentle on cells and compatible with serum and antibiotics.
  • Easy and fast transfection with consistent results ascribed to a one step protocol including initial optimization.


Comparative data:

Any cell. Any cargo. Viromer® ONE RED is a highly potent and universal reagent for the transfection of both DNA or mRNA.

Relative transfection efficacy. The highest efficacy on each cell line was set to 100%. Standard conditions according to suppliers protocol (n=8).

Protocol here: transfection-protocol-Viromer-ONE-RED