Innovative tools for cell- and molecular biosciences.

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Label-Free Cell Characterization and Sorting Empowered by AI

Based on the core technology Ghost Cytometry which enables supervised or unsupervised machine learning-based sorting, ThinkCyte offers the platform VisionSort. 

The system provides cellular fingerprints with morphometric readouts in high resolution, on top of standard fluorescence-based sorting.

VisionSort is the perfect addition to conventional cell sorters, by providing unbiased, label-free cell characterization and sorting, supported by an embedded AI algorithm.

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Molecular Machines & Industries (MMI): Your Partner in Microdissection – Micromanipulation – Imaging

High precision instruments for selective single cell picking, manipulation and microdissection.



Biolegio logotype oligonucleotide synthesis

Custom Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Biolegio provides fast, flexible and high quality custom synthesis of oligonucleotides. With 25 years of experience, the product range spans over highly modified and specialised oligos, as well as simple custom-made DNA oligos.

Applications covered are sequencing, NGS, PCR, Realtime-PCR, SNP detection, genotyping, gene expression and mutation detection.

Higher yields of DNA and RNA in FFPE Sample Prep with the Ionic® Purification System

The Ionic Purification System provides a unique technology for higher yields from FFPE. DNA and RNA is purified in an efficient workflow with great time savings, at retained integrity and no bias to GC-content or fragment length.

The technology brings a new perspective to FFPE sample prep, based on gentle isotachoresis separation.


Azure Cielo™ Real-Time PCR

Designed to deliver the highest level of performance, Azure Cielo Real-Time PCR brings out the best in your data.

Offering innovative optics and technology for high-performance real-time PCR:

  • Flexibility through innovation
  • Sensitivity by design
  • Engineered for faster run times
  • Built for reproducibility
  • Simplicity through software

Live Cell Imaging and Cell Counting

Automated, Easy-to-Use Instruments for Advanced Cell Based Applications. Innovative range of instruments for studying cells in various applications.

Celloger Mini:
Real time imaging of adherent or suspension cells. Automatic focusing, based on bright-field microscopy. Compact design and therefore fits in a CO2 incubator.

Accurate, flexible and automatic cell counting, also for accurate counting of rare cell populations.

Single-Cell Multi-Omics with Tapestri® Technology

Study Genotype and Phenotype at Single-Cell Resolution.

Tapestri workflow provides a great possibility in single-cell DNA sequencing. SNVs, CNVs and protein expression can be studied simultaneously at single cell level.

Panels available for,

  • Hematology
  • Solid tumour profiling
  • Genome editing
  • SNVs
  • SNVs+CNVs
  • SNVs+CNVs+protein

Transfection and Transduction Reagents

Innovative Molecular Delivery Systems for in vitro and in vivo applications.

OZ Biosciences have >15 years´experience in developing and manufacturing reagents for transfection and transduction applications. Thanks to high level expertise, many different applications are supported. The company also holds several patents, where Magnetofection™ is a unique technology.

Product ranges cover:

  • Transfection reagents
  • Viral applications
  • Genome editing
  • Protein delivery
  • In vivo delivery
  • Cellular assays
  • Vaccine adjuvants
  • Transfection tools

Lab Water Purification for Critical Applications

RephiLe, Revolution in Filtration.

Water Purification for Any Lab

Rephile offers a broad range of systems and accessories for high water quality demands.

The new Genie product range is built on innovative technology and operational safety. We offer a complete solution with instruments, consumables, validation tools and highly competent field service. Certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

Promise Proteomics

Isotope Labelled Proteins for LC-MS Quantification.

Stable Isotope Labelled Proteins (SIL´s) for LC-MS Quantification
Promise Proteomics developed a range of labelled proteins of high purity and isotopic incorporation for quantification in mass spectrometry.


  • Well cited technology from experts in the field
  • Same sequence as target protein gives equivalent behaviour through-out the sample digestion and purification process
  • Documented experience and strict manufacturing processes for highest possible product quality
  • Apart from specific protein internal standards, you can also get universal tools for tryptic digestion QC


  • Targeted Proteomics
    Biomarker evaluation and validation
  • Quantification of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies in clinical research

Celemics Inc. Global Leader in NGS Target Enrichment

Celemics offer a broad range of ready-to-use and custom design panels for Targeted NGS, Whole Exome, Whole Genome, mRNA and Antibody sequencing,

  • Novel technology
  • Great support including custom design and bioinformatics
  • Higher reproducibility based on full validation and efficient manufacturing process
  • Flexible product format depending on your needs

Targeted sequencing

  • Isolating specific subsets of genes or regions from the whole genome
  • High coverage and uniformity by our unique capturing technology
  • A wide range of variant (SNV, InDel, CNV, and Gene Rearrangement) detection from small sample amounts

Whole Exome NGS

Determining the order of all the protein-coding genes in the genome and sequences the whole range of exons (exome) that contain information about protein expression profiles SNV (Single Nucleotide Variant), InDel (Insertion/Deletion), CNV (Copy Number Variation), and rearrangement information can be obtained

Whole Genome NGS

  • For complete genome analysis
  • Structural variations are easily detected.
  • Identifiable variations (SNV, InDel, CNV, and Gene Rearrangement)

mRNA Sequencing

  • Gene expression level detection
  • Transcript Variants (isoforms) detection
  • SNV(Single Nucleotide Variant), InDel(Insertion/Deletion), Gene Rearrangement detection

Antibody Sequencing: TrueRepertoireTM

scFv or Fab library sequencing, analysis of the entire variable region and processing >10,000 clones for a single experiment.

The future of gel documentation and chemiluminescence imaging

No camera, no lens, no setup

The Vü-C Chemiluminescence System. Simple, sensitive, stunning – raising the bar with a new imaging platform.

Western blot imaging with a difference. Ultra-high resolution, super sensitivity, stunning images. Using Pop Bio’s eMIT (electronic Mapping ImageTechnology*), the high sensitivity sensors in the Vü can easily capture low output blots toprovide a truly outstanding image.

The Vü-F Fluorescence System. Simply the latest technology to enhance your gel and blot imaging

One step operation. UV, blue and white light illumination.  Just place a sample on the tray and push it in with your finger. Vü detects the sample type and captures an image using either UV or blue light.

Curiox Biosystems

Automation of suspension cell assays by the centrifuge-free laminar wash technology. Miniaturisation of bead-based assays.

Laminar Wash™ HT 1000: Centrifuge-less cell processing for flow cytometry assays. Retains more than 95% of cells, completes washing in 2-4 minutes. Significantly easier gating and segregation of cell populations

Laminar Wash™ Mini: Automated processing of up to 16 samples in flow cytometry sample preparation

Laminar Wash™ AUTO 1000: Complete automation for centrifuge-less sample preparation of surface stained and intracellular-stained assays in flow cytometry.

DA-Bead: For Bead-based Assays. Miniaturization with the DA-Bead plates reduces sample volume and bead consumption by 5X and decreases assay costs by 70%

MagBio Genomics

Our current focus encompasses products that allow both safeguarding integrity of bio-samples and efficient isolation of circulating biomarkers from biological samples for human genetic research including cancer genomic studies and non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT).

Our core platform allows efficiency in the nucleic acids sequencing methods including Sanger and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in both manual and automated workflow.

Our corporate mission is to help our customers generate quality data faster at an affordable cost.

siTOOLS Biotech

Technology for High Target Specificity in Gene Silencing (RNAi) and RNA Capture for Enrichment or Depletion.

siTOOLs Biotech harnesses the power of numbers to help scientists achieve clear, reproducible phenotypes in their study of gene function.

An innovative RNA interference (RNAi) reagent developed to counter the off-target problem of short interfering RNAs (siRNAs). Using high complexity pooling and careful bioinformatic design, siPOOLs produce specific and robust gene knockdown to generate clear and reproducible phenotypes.

The markets most flexible solution for rRNA depletion, available for any species – both prokaryotes and eukaryotes
Choose from a diverse list of ready-made riboPOOLs or custom-design a riboPOOL for your specific needs
Highly efficient depletion enables you to focus on the scientifically relevant RNAs.

Enrichment of RNA from cellular lysates. Biotinylated DNA probes applied in a high complexity pool to robustly hybridize and enrich RNA. An affordable solution for RNA targeted isolation, raPOOLs help scientists identify protein/nucleic acid interactions relevant for gene function.


  • High quality PCR reagents developed by experienced people
  • Great results also for challenging experiments such as GC rich templates, fast PCR, long PCR
  • High fidelity enzymes for higher accuracies
    Short and easy protocols

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ReSyn Biosciences

MagReSyn® high-performance magnetic sample preparation for proteomics, molecular- and cell biology.

The awarded technology is based on a novel, hyper-poros polymer microsphere for your most demanding requirements, also for high throughput protocols. Compared to other poros microbeads, the MagReSyn microspheres offer superior binding capacity.

Available for the following target molecules/applications, with the corresponding functional groups:

  • Sample cleanup using HILIC and Amine
  • His tagged proteins; NTA (chelating nitriloacetic acid)
  • Charged molecules; SAX (anionic ion exchange)
  • Phosphorylation studies/phosphopeptide enrichment; TiO2, Ti-IMAC, Zr-IMAC, ZrO2
  • General immobilization of proteins and peptides; Amine
  • Primary amine coupling; Carboxyl
  • Biotinylated molecules; Streptavidin and Streptavidin MAX
  • Immunoglobulins; Protein A, Protein G
  • Protein digestion; Trypsine, Chymotrypsin

Candor Bioscience – The ELISA experts.

High quality solutions and kits for immunoassays.

Premium quality for stringent results in your existing assay or for the development of new methods where the highly pure solutions will help your success.


  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Immuno-PCR
  • Multiplex protein arrays
  • Western blot


“Gel Documentation Redefined”; better performance and more convenient than ever before! From basic DNA or protein imaging to western blots or multiplex; a range of gel documentation systems to meet all applications and budgets.

  • Compact design
  • Small footprint
  • Integral Tablet
  • High quality CCD cameras
  • SmartCapture
  • Technology

Gel Company

  • Protein and nucleic acid electrophoresis and blotting;
  • Protein ladders
  • Filter papers
  • Membranes
  • Combs, plates, spacers
  • Gel tanks
  • Electroporation cuvettes

Hercuvan Lab Systems

Incorporated in 2011, Hercuvan Lab Systems is a company with solid experience in providing laboratory products and quality services to life science and biotechnology companies, academic institutions, government and private research labs worldwide.

The company is constantly developing and delivering a wide spectrum of lab equipment such as the state of the art microvolume spectrophotometer for determination of DNA/RNA concentration, thermal cycler for amplification of DNAs, high precision pipettes and various of the most widely applied bench top-sized equipment for life science and general laboratory research field.

The bench top lab equipment product line covers centrifuges, rockers & shakers, thermo shakers, shaking incubator, liquid handling, dry bath incubators, vortex mixers, sample concentrators, sterilizers, homogenizers, electrophoresis system and transilluminator.

Randox Laboratories

A global leading manufacturer of high quality products for in vitro diagnostics.

Diagnostic Reagents;
Randox routine and novel reagents are of the highest quality, covering 100 disease markers. We are continuously expanding our range to provide you with an increased choice of high quality, cost effective reagents.
Investment in new reagents for toxicology diagnostics.

Clinical Chemistry Analysers;
The RX series of clinical chemistry analysers provide cost effective and reliable diagnostic testing. From our semi-automated
RX altona to our fully automated RX daytona+, we’ve got an analyser to suit your laboratory needs.

Laboratory quality control;
Covering a range of over 390 analytes third party controls, designed to reduce costs without compromising on quality. Use in combination with Acusera 24·7 for advanced interlaboratory data management.

New range of quality control for Molecular Diagnostics, covering the whole workflow of extraction, amplification and detection.

The largest global External Quality Assessment scheme with 40,000 laboratory participants in 124 countries. Choose from 32 comprehensive programme options covering an extensive range of diagnostic tests.