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Custom oligonucleotide synthesis; high quality service, speed and flexibility

Biolegio offers a range of products, spanning from highly modified and specialised oligos, to standard DNA oligo synthesis.

Applications covered are sequencing, NGS, PCR, Realtime-PCR, SNP detection, genotyping, gene expression and mutation detection.

  • Long oligo synthesis
  • Modified and standard oligos
  • Probes for Realtime-PCR
  • Custom RNA synthesis
  • NGS grade oligonucleotides
  • Bulk scale synthesis 7 OEM oligos
  • SARS-CoV-2 primers & probes

riboPOOL rRNA Depletion Kits now with Cleanup Module Included

Universal, Efficient Ribosomal RNA Depletion for Any Species
The riboPOOL kits are availabble for a range of indivisual species, as well as combined species from similar or different species types.
The kit now also includes a RNA cleanup module consisting well validated RNA cleanup beads.

The efficient removal of rRNA provides huge cost savings in RNA sequencing. The riboPOOLs are complex probe sets that binds with high specificity to the ribosomal RNA of your samples.

riboPOOL kits are available as single-species riboPOOLs, Pan-riboPOOLs for similar species types or Combined riboPOOLs for non-related species.
For special applications, riboPOOLs are also available for abundant mRNA removal, FFPE/degraded RNA samples and a special riboPOOL for ribosome profiling, ribo-Seq.


Azure Cielo™ Real-time PCR Systems

Easy to use system with integrated touch screen and intuitive, protocol-based software.
Built-in Wi-Fi, ethernet and USB allow for remote control and make transferring data easy.

Efficient illumination and detection of each well provides exceptional specificity and precision.

Up to 6 fluorescent channels allow for flexible dye
usage and broad application.
Fast PCR protocols applicable. Simultaneous scanning of 16 wells provides faster scanning speed compared to individual well scanning technology.

The robust platform provides optics and thermal block  designed to deliver the same uniformity and reproducibility over at least 1000 qPCR experiments, giving you confidence in the reliability of the instrument.

New C. elegans riboPOOL for rRNA Depeletion in RNA-Seq Protocols

A rRNA depletion kit for Caenorhabditis elegans is now available for RNA-Seq.

riboPOOLs are biotinylated single stranded DNA-oligos specifically designed to bind to the species specific rRNA. Streptavidin beads are then used to pull out the rRNA.

Depending on the application you are interested in, we offer different oligo length and compositions:

Standard RNA-Seq riboPOOLs of the rRNA sequences
28S, 18S, 5.8S, 5S and mito 16S & 12S

FFPE samples /ribosome profiling riboPOOLs
offer full length overlapping oligos which cover
the complete rRNA of C.elegans.

MagBio Genomics NAP™ 16 Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument

Compact & Fully Automated Magnetic Bead Based Extraction

The new NAP16 system provides automation and ease-of-use in magnetic bead based extraction protocols.

  • Process up to 16 samples in as little as 10 min
  • Total solution with kits and scripts ready-to-go for a range of sample types in extraction and cleanup
  • Automateds mixing, bead transfer, washing and elution
  • Flexible data transfer: bluetooth, USB, QR code scanner

High Sensitivity RT-qPCR Detection Insert SARS-CoV-2 detection

4X 1Step RT qPCR Probe Kits are designed for a sensitive detection of specific RNAs, including virus RNA, in diluted high volume samples. They combine a robust 4X qPCR mix with a 20X
blend of thermostable Reverse Transcriptase and RNase

  • Robust 4X qPCR mix for high sample volume input up to 10 µl
  • Detects <5 RNA copies per reaction
  • Successfully tested for Sars-CoV-2 detection
  • Reverse transcription and qPCR in one tube
  • Ideal for multiplex reactions
  • Universal – both standard and fast cycling, GC/AT rich templates

New Isothermal Amplification Reagents LAMP, RT-LAMP, WGA, RCA Assays

Isothermal amplification of nucleic acids based on performance of such strand displacement polymerases as phi29 or Bst is a powerful and simple method to detect and amplify low abundance DNA and RNA targets within a short period of time and without the thermal cycler.

  • ALLin™ Isothermal DNA Amplification Kit  is to be used mainly for Isothermal DNA amplification at 70°C, LAMP. Works on DNA templates and includes mix with buffer, dNTPs, Bst Polymerase, dye for optional real-time detection, and water.
  • ALLin™ Isothermal 1Step RNA  Amplification Kit is to be used for Virus RNA detection, SARS-CoV-2 detection, Isothermal  RNA amplification, RT-LAMP. Works on RNA templates and includes Reverse transcription mix, amplification mix with buffer, dNTPs, Bst Polymerase, the dye for optional real-time detection, and water.
  • phi29 DNA Polymerase is a classical recombinant enzyme supplied with 10X buffer and dedicated for use on DNA templates in such applications as isothermal DNA amplification at 30°C, RCA, WGA, MDA and many more.

Meet the Azure Cielo 3 and Cielo 6 Real-time PCR Systems

The Azure Biosystems™ Cielo™ 3 and 6 real-time PCR Systems are designed to offer smart protocols, high quality data, robust durability and an intuitive user experience.

Our novel fiber optic detection system allows for enhanced sensitivity and speed. 3 or 6 standard channels let you analyze a variety of commercially available dyes, already in your workflow. Onboard software operated by a 10.2″ touchscreen minimizes footprint and saves you bench space.

Easily connect to your Cielo via Wi-Fi, ethernet, USB or LAN. Get notified after each completed run and even remotely access protocols and files.


  • Quantitative and qualitative gene expression analysis
  • miRNA analysis
  • Genetic mapping
  • Genetic fingerprinting
  • NGS library quantification
  • 3 or 6 channel multiplex ability
  • Pathogen quantification

Direct PCR of Crude Samples without Template Purification

SampleIN™ Direct PCR Kit

Rapid 15 min DNA extraction using DPK Lysis and Protease Buffers in a single tube generates PCR template extract which is further amplified under fast cycling conditions with a hot-start Taq master mix that includes red dye for direct gel loading.

Allows direct fast and efficient PCR from various sample types: blood, mouse tail/ear, tissue, buccal swabs, hair follicle, plants.

PCR & qPCR Reagents with Premium Performance

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Choose from a range of easy-to-use, fast, highly sensitive and robust polymerases.

ALLin™ Mega HiFi DNA Polymerase – the Best Choice for NGS Applications

Highly accurate DNA polymerase for increased sensitivity and great multiplex results.
Fast, high yield PCR with the fidelity 100x higher than Taq.
High thermostability for better denaturation of GC rich templates.
Up to 20 kb long PCR even from complex templates.
Increased processivity for faster amplification and higher yield.

Available as hotstart and non-hotstart.
Get polymerase plus optimised ALLin™ Buffer, or ready-made mastermixes, with or without red dye.

highQu PCR & qPCR Reagents Performance Excellence

highQu PCR reagents are highly efficient polymerases, available in a flexible range of products depending on application.

Great for challenging templates or crude samples.

Developed for a universal use, fast protocols and high user convenience.

1Step RT qPCR Kits for Low Copy Number Virus Detection

The highQu 1Step RT-qPCR kit is successfully used in Covid-19 testing.
With an advanced RNAse inhibitor, an efficient Reverse Transcriptase and a robust qPCR polymerase, this kit is a highly efficient tool for low copy number detection.

<5 copies detected
The 4X mastermix allows higher sample volumes (10 ul sample in a 20 ul reaction) for low viral load detection.
Compatible with all instrument platforms.

SecurRIN™ Advanced RNase Inhibitor

Efficient RNAse inhibition even at higher temperatures up to 60°C.
RNA protection from hydrolysis by RNases A, B and C.
Economical and stable for weeks at ambient temperature.
Robust, works well at 5.5 to 9.0 pH, with 0.5 – 1 mM DTT.
Successfully tested in Sars-CoV-2 detection workflows.
Available in different OEM formats 

highQu PCR Reagents Excellence in Performance

highQu PCR reagents are highly efficient polymerases.

The products range is flexible depending on application. Great for challenging templates or crude samples.

Developed for a universal use, fast protocols and high user convenience.

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