LabLife Nordic

Supporting innovative technologies. Delivering instruments and reagents to life science research and diagnostics in the Nordics.

Building Positive Customer Relationships

Personal support, efficient communication and focus on the relevant needs of our customers are highly prioritized. Same day response time is a guarantee. 

We have great insight in our customers´ overall processes, and will propose improvements based on novel technologies. There is great understanding of  geographical complexity and local market dynamics across different countries. LabLife Nordic participates in local tenders and framework agreements. We comply with quality-, environmental- and sustainability management standards.

Member of Swedish Labtech

Mission, Vision & Value Statement

Life science, inspired!

We are first to identify the market opportunities. Through experience and dedication, to make a difference for our customers, our suppliers, our staff and for the society that benefits from life science research.

Value Statement

Dedication: Passionate for great achievements

Professionalism: Staying pro-active to ensure that customers, suppliers and staff alike are satisfied

Business ethics: Acting reliably and fairly with our partners

Mutual Success with our Suppliers in Dynamic Partnerships

Commitments with our partners are translated into concrete strategies and actions. Our work style is dedicated, interactive and efficient. 

The product portfolio of LabLife Nordic covers a range of complementary applications and we avoid all conflicts of interest.

As a new partner with LabLife Nordic, we will present a market analysis consisting of management summary, marketing plan and proposed strategies. These will be reviewed and aligned in a continuous process.

Technologies for Cell- & Molecular Biosciences

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