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QOP0201 1Step RT qPCR Probe ROX L Kit


Sweden: 3,085kr

Denmark: 2,375kr.

Norway: 3,085kr

Finland: 290


1Step RT qPCR Probe ROX L Kit

200 r of 20 µl

Successfully used in Coronavirus detection tests
highQu reagents are trusted by laboratories worldwide
highQu reagents are optimized for fast protocols

RT-qPCR on instruments requiring low ROX concentration
RT-qPCR assays based on specific probes
TaqMan®, Molecular Beacons, Scorpions™ Probes
Gene expression analysis, quantification of:
gDNA, cDNA, viral DNA, low copy number genes

Efficient Reverse transcription & sensitive qPCR in one tube
Both standard or fast cycling, GC rich templates
Rapid extension, early Ct
Supplied with PCR Water

Safety data sheet 


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