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HLE0305 ALLin™ Mega HiFi DNA Polymerase


Sweden: 5,490kr

Denmark: 4,575kr.

Norway: 5,490kr

Finland: 499


Extra high fidelity PCR: up to 100x vs. Taq
Up to 20 kb templates
500 u, 2u/µl
5x 1,5 ml – 5X ALLin™ Mega HiFi Buffer, including 1 mM dNTP, 3 mM MgCl2, enhancers, stabilisers

Fast, high yield PCR with the fidelity 100x higher than Taq
Up to 20 kb long PCR even from complex templatesIncreased processivity for faster amplification and higher yield
High thermostability for better denaturation of GC rich templates
Best choice for NGS and other sequencing applications

Safety data sheet


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