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DPK0105 SampleIN™ Direct PCR Kit



SampleIN™ Direct PCR Kit

400 r of 50 µl


Fast direct PCR without template purification
Mouse genotyping and knockout analysis
Direct PCR from mouse tail or ear, mammalian tissues (including FFPE)
Direct PCR from hair follicle, buccal swabs, plant samples
Direct Blood PCR (including EDTA or FTA samples)


Ready-to load PCR in 50 minutes without template purification
Single-tube 15 min DNA extraction combined with fast hot-start PCR
Red dye in the PCR master mix for direct gel loading
High yields under standard or fast cycling conditions
Success with GC/AT rich templates

SampleIN™ Direct PCR Kit is a premium tool for a fast direct PCR eliminating the need of tedious template purification. The kit is excellent for direct PCR from mouse tail or ear, mammalian tissues, hair follicle, buccal swabs and blood.

Rapid 15 min DNA extraction using DPK Lysis and Protease Buffers in a single tube generates PCR template extract which is further amplified under fast cycling conditions with a hot-start Taq master mix that includes red dye for direct gel loading.


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